Automatic folding gates

Automatic folding gates

Four wing automatic folding gates

This four wing folding gate was developed for a special purpose where functionality, beauty and aesthetics were significant requirements. The gates are entrance gates to a large building from our EXCLUSIVE Line series and have to meet thefollowing  requirements:

  • Automatic opening and closing of the gates to 90°, 180° or 270°. That means that the gate may be opened completely or as an alternative the two center wings only may be opened. This reduces the clear opening width to half. These various functions help you to control the amount of people entering with the opening width of the gates when there are large crowds.
  • Emergency opening of the gates in case of power loss and when gates are closed. With this function the closed gate may be unlocked remotely in case of a panic and opened manually in escape direction as large double wing gate.
  • Return to normal operation after automatic emergency opening. That means the gates may be reverted to normal operation without any problems.
  • Standard security for high wind speeds as well in closed and locked position as during opening or closing.
  • Protection of the main and secondary closing edge as well as the swiveling range of the gate so that no person or obstacles will be harmed while the gate is in motion. The individuality of this type of gates is unlimited. The self-supporting construction may be used for dimensions up to 12 m in width and 8 m in height. The advantage is that there are no disturbing thresholds on the bottom that in case of a panic may be a tripping hazard and cause people to fall. A gate of superlatives equipped with sophisticated technology that stands for the innovation and the imaginativeness of BUCHELE Innovative Gate Systems.


Additional Info

  • These door and gate systems are multifunctional and may be freely combined with the following demands:

    • Burglar proof
    • Bullet proof
    • Explosion resistant
    • Fire proof
    • Sound insulation

    The surfaces can be customized in different colors and designs.

    Integration for industrial applications: Prepared for industry 4.0