Automatic sliding gate

Automatic sliding gate

Single wing and double wing automatic safety sliding gates for use in exterior areas.

The single wing and double wing automatic sliding gate systems by BUCHELE lets the entrance area to your estate appear slightly more exclusive and more prestigious. With our EXCLUSIVE Line series you may give your gates a unique and individual appearance. On the picture you see a wall around a property in which a single wing and a double wing sliding gate of our EXCLUSIVE Line series is installed. You can see clearly that the high-quality ornamentaion on both doors is the same. This ensures a homogenous appearance despite of different construction types.

By looking at these automatic sliding gates you cannot tell that safety components of highest standard were used. Also worth mentioning is that the sliding gates are manufactured as self-supporting construction. This means that there are no disturbing rails on the ground in which rollers for the gates are guided. The floor covering may be laid without disturbance underneath the gate. This is a further point which emphasizes the uniqueness and innovation of our products. Attention should be paid to the opening area of the gate – there should be enough opening space available.


Additional Info

  • These door and gate systems are multifunctional and may be freely combined with the following demands:

    • Burglar proof
    • Bullet proof
    • Explosion resistant
    • Fire proof
    • Sound insulation

    The surfaces can be customized in different colors and designs.

    Integration for industrial applications: Prepared for industry 4.0