Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic Swing Doors

Single wing and double wing safety swing doors and gates for use in interior and exterior areas.

The single wing and double wing automatic gate systems by BUCHELE find their application inside a building to separate different spheres of interest and security sectors in thermally insulated and thermally separated construction on the outer wall of a building or as an entrance gate to a property- areas where comfort, security and beauty is indispensable. Attention should be paid to the swivel area of the gate, there should be no obstacles in this area that will obstruct the complete opening of the gate. As you can see on the picture gate systems may be combined. Here for example a single wing entrance door to a building from our ESSENTIAL Line series combined with a double wing entrance gate to a garage. Optically an absolutely representative appearance in
the distinguished facade of the building. It is not possible to tell that these two elements meet the highest safety standards.

Additional Info

  • These door and gate systems are multifunctional and may be freely combined with the following demands:

    • Burglar proof
    • Bullet proof
    • Explosion resistant
    • Fire proof
    • Sound insulation

    The surfaces can be customized in different colors and designs.

    Integration for industrial applications: Prepared for industry 4.0