Security and more: BUCHELE automatic gates

BUCHELE Innovative Gate Systems is specialised in the development, construction and production of sophisticated, exclusive and high quality automatic door and gate systems.
These door and gate systems are multifunctional and may be freely combined with the following demands:

• Burglar proof
• Bullet proof
• Explosion resistant
• Fire proof
• Sound insulation

These automatic door and gate systems find their use in buildings that require protection or as entrance to a property. BUCHELE offers the following various systems that may be adapted to the required application:

• Single wing automatic swing doors and gates
• Double wing automatic swing doors and gates
• Single wing automatic sliding gates
• Double wing automatic sliding gates
• Four wing automatic folding gates

For all systems we offer two different high-quality design series, technically absolutely identical, however absolutely different in their appearance.


The optical appearance of this series is classical, factual and plain, however, contemporary in style with a smooth door leaf surface. Coated according to customers requirements.

The EXCLUSIVE Line series

Gates of this series leave nothing to be desired regarding the optical appearance of the gate. Here each customer gets his individual unique gate which is designed by our in house design team. Anything is possible. We personally dedicate ourselves to satisfy your demands. Modern technology in combination with individual design united in an automatic security gate system that is the gate you get from the BUCHELE gate manufacture. Naturally each ESSENTIAL Line Gate and each EXCLUSIVE Line gate is assigned to its own production number engraved on a precious metal plate and visibly attached to the gate. With this number it is traceable at any time which gate out of our production it is. Our sense of responsibility is devoted to quality and durability of our gates. This is one of the tasks which we follow full of passion and which defines our commitment to performance. We do our utmost for the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.